The Banker's Suite
The Banker's Ballroom
The Banker's Ballroom


Architect John E. Wicks designed the plans for the Astoria National Bank building in 1923. Niemi and Company completed the construction of this Classic American Renaissance building in 1924 at a cost of $100,000.00. The bank opened for business on February 25th, 1924 and went into receivership on February 25, 1928. The building remained vacant for two years until 1930 when the newly-chartered Bank of Astoria occupied the building. On July 13, 1937 the United States Bank of Portland bought the Bank of Astoria and occupied the building until 1973 after which the bank building was used to store costumes by the Astor Street Opry Company.

Over the past 30 years the building changed hands a number of times and was ultimately left neglected and vacant. In 2003 the Columbia River Day Spa leased and converted the first floor of the building into a full service day spa. At that time a floor was installed between the first and second level of the once grand 30' tall open space creating a 4500 square foot area on the top floor which still retains the impressive top half of the beautiful plaster columns and capitals.

In 2005 Blue Mars purchased the building and hired Rickenback Construction to perform a year long renovation and restoration on the building's second floor and exterior creating a grand suite offered today as The Banker's Suite.

In 2009 the day spa moved out and Blue Mars hired Paul Caruana of Caruana Inc. to renovate the first floor space into a grand ballroom offered today as The Banker's Ballroom and Boutique.

Photos courtesy of Clatsop County Historical Society